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The low carb community has seen some impressive developments.

Diet Doctor created by Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt has become the largest low-carb website in the world with around 500,000 visits per day.

Virta Health has raised $45 million in investment, after a highly successful one-year keto trial showing that type 2 diabetes can be reversed. This is taking the company another step closer to their mission to reverse type 2 diabetes in 100 million people by 2025.

Low-carb diets are now recognised as a safe and effective method to manage type-2 diabetes in adults, as stated in a new joint position statement by the American Diabetes Association and the European Association for the Study of Diabetes.

The attempt to censor doctors who promote low carb has only increased publicity and awareness of the benefits of a low carb lifestyle.

The ultimate low carb diet where you just eat meat has grown immensely in popularity.

This is heartening and encouraging, yet we are faced almost daily with a new headline of a new poorly designed study used to scare people away from trying low carb themselves. People are still following bad advice and their health is suffering because of it. We need a wave of information and influence making low carb more accessible. Reaching more people so that they are able to make empowered and informed health choices.

My goal is to align the low carb community by continuing to provide engaging content which inspire others and to fund community projects which have wider ranging influence. A monthly subscription of 2.00 Euro to this project can encourage widespread change, helping more people make better health choices.

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